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Live Zoom Group Fitness

Fit It In offers LIVE group fitness every day.  
Our classes are led by certified trainers and offer tons of variety and options.  Here's is what's amazing:  we are able to communicate with each other during the class!  Need an alternative?  Looking for a modification?  You can talk or type to your leader throughout the class to get a custom experience.  
I know.  Amazing!


How to Register

It's so easy

Select your classes for the week

Choose one class or commit to all of them! Indicate which class(es) you're joining.

E-transfer your payment

E-transfer $10/class to by 8 p.m. ET the night before your class (at the latest).

Get your Zoom code

Your trainer will email your Zoom invitation to you by 10:15pm the night before each class.  At your class time, click on the link and join in!


Class Descriptions


The best fitness plans include variety and Fit Mix strives to bring it to you. Building strong and healthy bodies is our aim and this class is a good place to start. Strength, mobility, cardiovascular fitness all happen here.

This strength-based class builds lean muscle and strong bones.  Resistance training promotes a healthy body composition, great posture and increases your metabolism.

Modern Gym

Our Wednesday Interval workouts include bursts of high energy cardio work. In addition to strengthening your heart and increasing your endurance, you'll gain the benefit of elevated mood and metabolism.

"Flex and Flow"
"Centred and grounded" -this is how our fellow yogis feel after this easy-to-follow session.  Filled with options, Leslie's Flex and Flow is superb for beginners and experienced people alike.

Crossing the Finish Line

Finish the week on a high note!  Go in to your weekend feeling energetic and strong. Expect some challenging bits of work combined with a good stretch to send you in to the weekend.